What & How?


Blue Solutions works in the marine and coastal realm on the topics:


Blue Solutions uses different methods to support a sustainable management and equitable governance of our blue planet:

Capacity development
The wide range of capacity development opportunities include trainings on the integration of ecosystem services into marine planning, climate change adaptation in the marine and coastal realm as well as a training course on marine and coastal spatial planning and management. In addition, the Blue Solutions Initiative cooperated with other institutions which offer complementary capacity development courses.
Global knowledge exchange
An essential component of the Blue Solutions Initiative is to collate, document and share successful approaches, or “solutions”, addressing marine and coastal challenges. These solutions can illustrate a range of topics from marine and coastal spatial planning and management, marine protected areas, ecosystem services, climate change and sustainable finance to fisheries, tourism, marine litter or educational and capacity development measures, and be implemented at different levels (from local to multi-national; from hands-on to policy). The sharing and exchanging of these solutions provides others with examples and lessons learned regarding successful approaches that have worked in given contexts. They can inspire others to adapt and replicate these achievements without “reinventing the wheel”, thereby accelerating action for sustaining healthy marine and coastal ecosystems. The Blue Solutions Initiative facilitates exchange around solutions through the marine and coastal solutions portal on the Panorama platform and in face-to-face meetings such as workshops and trainings.