The Blue Solutions Fair: upscaling success stories across Asia and the Pacific

The Blue Solutions Fair: upscaling success stories across Asia and the Pacific

Elena Rabbow and Janina Korting, Blue Solutions Initiative

Almost 40 participants from 12 different countries within the Asia-Pacific Region gathered in Pattaya, Thailand, where the Blue Solutions Fair took place from 13th to 16th of March. The mission of this 4-day event: to explore sustainable ways to address climate change for resilient coastal communities & healthy marine ecosystems. How? By creating a platform for personal exchange and mutual support to share innovative ideas and positive experiences. The participants of the Blue Solutions Fair were members of (international) non-governmental organizations, governmental institutions on national and local level and private companies. All of them shared the willingness to learn from others and the common goal to think and work solution-oriented. The best conditions for a successful Blue Solutions Fair!

Learning from other’s success stories

There are many blue solutions out there, the questions is: how can people learn about these successes? The Blue Solutions Fair provided practitioners and decision-makers with a unique opportunity to create a solution for the challenge they are currently tackling. Through personal exchange, support from their peers as well as seeking inspiration from existing successful examples on the PANORAMA web platform, participants created their own new solution.

Sharing expertise instead of reinventing the wheel

The challenges related to climate change adaptation have to be faced on a global level by non-governmental organization, governments, and the private sector. For many of those challenges, there do exist solutions! Our participants faced their challenges together and exchanged their knowledge and experience in order to learn from already documented success stories and create new solutions. The event offered several interactive and participatory working sessions where everyone was encouraged to share their opinions on different problems with their peers. The participants explored ways to adapt an existing solution to the own local context, amongst others by learning how to work with more than 370 solutions and over 1.000 building blocks offered by the PANORAMA partnership and the corresponding web platform.

Interesting was that many participants found out that they had more to offer than they thought and were happy to share their information that was useful to others. Various potential opportunities for new collaborations opened during the Blue Solutions Fair, for example between the two teams from Timor-Leste or the teams from Malaysia and the Philippines, who want to keep in touch.

Supporting the solution replication in the future

In sum, the Blue Solutions Fair successfully enabled the use of the solution-based approach and highlighted once again: there do already exist many blue solutions out there from which we can learn and that can be replicated! The Blue Solutions Team looks forward to keeping in touch with all participants! We will follow-up on the future outcomes of the Blue Solutions Fair and provide support in the further development of new solutions.