The art of convening Blue Training Courses

The art of convening Blue Training Courses

Written by Tabitha Stimpfle and Carolin Hoffmann, Blue Solutions Initiative

© Tabitha Stimpfle

After five eventful years, the Blue Solutions project is in its final year of implementation and will come to an end in late 2018. To ensure the long-term availability, implementation and adaptation of the Blue Training Courses*, a workshop dedicated to “The art of convening Blue Training Courses” was conducted in June 2018. The workshop was jointly organized by the Blue Solutions Initiative, the Mami Wata Project, the MARISMA Project and convened in collaboration with the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) of the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Representatives of 15 institutions from a diverse range of civil society, NGOs, academia, national and international organizations participated in the event. The first part of the interactive workshop focused on the Blue Training Courses and both practical and strategic considerations for successfully convening and implementing them. The second part focused on the way forward and how participating organizations can potentially integrate the courses into their capacity development portfolios, while creating synergies among each other and adapting the courses to the specific needs of their target audiences.

The organizers aimed at the following goals:

  • equipping selected institutions with knowledge and skills to successfully convene “Blue Training Courses”;
  • creating a network of implementing institutions;
  • identifying institutions’ further needs regarding convening and implementing those courses and ways to address those, and
  • scoping possibilities for cooperation, including developing a roadmap.

What are the next steps? The participating institutions confirmed common interest in creating a network of capacity developing institutions and implementing and adapting the Blue Training Courses. In the upcoming months, the Blue Solutions initiative, the Mami Wata project and the MARISMA project will reach out to the participating organizations in order to jointly initiate concrete steps towards these objectives.

The organizing team would like to thank all participants for many insightful inputs and is very much looking forward to jointly work on the next steps that have been defined!

*All training materials are open source and can be found on the Blue Solutions website. For further information get in touch with Carolin Hoffmann.