Conservation Finance

Conservation Finance

Financing Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Learning objective

The training course introduces opportunities and approaches for financing marine conservation, enabling factors for the development of conservation finance mechanism, and key steps for their establishment.

Target group

This training course addresses conservation practitioners, professionals, planners and policy-makers from governmental and inter-governmental agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector and academia with an environmental background eager to understand economic principles.

Course outline

The training combines presentations and exercises, providing an introduction to:

  • Microeconomics and natural resource economics
  • The value of marine ecosystem services and the need for conservation finance to support marine and coastal management
  • Opportunities and approaches for financing conservation of marine and coastal areas
  • Key features in establishing a conservation finance mechanism


The course has a duration of 1 to 2 days and is a combination of presentation, providing theoretical background, and exercises. These exercises are referring to main principles and some use the fictious country Bakul as a case to allow participants to dive into a matter, free from their own work context and its biases, and reflect on the implications of the lessons learned for their own work. In addition, specific case studies serve as real-life examples and inspiration.
“Solutions”, successful cases curated at the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet¬†Platform, complement the trainings by illustrating theoretical inputs and case work learning.