Inspiring experiences from around the world

Would you like to get inspired by various stories of success? The Blue Solutions Initiative promotes the active sharing of Blue Solutions, positive and inspiring examples of success, that support knowledge transfer and enable mutual learning. A structured format with a detailed description of key components (building blocks), solution implementation, success factors, and lessons learned, allows people to adapt whole solutions or building blocks to different contexts.

Our aim is to inspire others in taking action towards achieving sustainable use, biodiversity conservation, effective management and equitable governance in marine and coastal systems.

In its 5 years of implementation, the Blue Solutions Initiative used different formats to facilitate knowledge exchange and also uptake and replication of solutions (e.g. workshops, Blue Solutions trainings, regional fora, face-to-face exchange, publications, newsletters, social media).


The PANORAMA partnership and its online platform

PANORAMA is a partnership initiative to document and promote examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics, enabling cross-sectoral learning and inspiration. The database houses a number of thematic communities, and is envisioned to be continuously expanded with new partners and themes. The platform allows practitioners to share their stories, get recognition for their successful work, learn how others have tackled similar problems across the globe, and learn from existing best practice examples with no need to reinvent the wheel..

What is a solution?

Solutions are specific, applied examples of successful processes or approaches that address challenges to sustainable development. Solutions can be entire project interventions or particular aspects of a project or approach. Successful elements of an approach or process are called “building blocks”.

  • … help to achieve the Aichi targets of the CBD and the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030 by responding to challenges to sustainable development and human wellbeing and contribute to biodiversity conservation.
  • … are effective and have been implemented with a demonstrated positive impact.
  • … consists of building blocks which are the core elements of each solution that can be replicated or up-scaled in other geographic, social or sectorial contexts.
  • … follow an approach which is explained in detail here.
It is implied that solutions should be fair and just, avoiding negative impacts on people and the environment!

Be a solution provider or innovator

If you have case studies that adhere to the above-mentioned criteria, share them on

Go and visit the online platform if you want to allow others to take up your successful approach, or if you want to be inspired by other’s solutions and create new solutions based on building blocks.

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