Solutions in Focus: community-led MPA management

Solutions in Focus: community-led MPA management

Written by Marie Fischborn, Blue Solutions Initiative

Coastal communities play a key role as stewards of marine resources such as fish stocks. Around the world, numerous forms of community-led or shared governance of marine areas exist.

In the multimedia article ‘Solutions in Focus: Community-led and shared governance of marine protected and conserved areas’, discover five exciting solutions from Madagascar, Indonesia, Micronesia, Comoros and Costa Rica that showcase how communities can take the lead in protecting marine and coastal environments – for the benefit of both nature and people.


A webinar hosted by Blue Solutions as part of the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet webinar series had a closer look on this topic as well. The inspiring solutions from Indonesia and Madagascar were presented in detail in the session on Scaling up community-led MPA management. The recording of the webinar is available on our Vimeo channel.