Side Event at the UN Ocean Conference – Blue Solutions Market Place

Side Event at the UN Ocean Conference – Blue Solutions Market Place

UN Headquartes in New York City © J Korting

Written by Janina Korting, Blue Solutions Initiative

Blue Solutions attended the high-level UN Ocean Conference to support the implementation of SDG 14 in June 2017 and (co-)organized several sessions (see the Debriefing post for an overview).

One of the events was the Blue Solutions Market Place – a side event that took place in the Permanent Mission of Germany to the UN on Ocean Day, Thursday, 8 June. The 90min session was opened by Nicola Breier, Head of Division “Marine Biodiversity” at the German Environment Ministry and provided an opportunity to get a first glimpse at this approach of exchanging experiences and supporting their re-use across regions.

Nicola Breier, Head of Division “Marine Biodiversity” at the German Ministry of the Environment © GermanyUN

Nirmal Shah, Nature Seychelles, shared how Blue Solutions allowed him to learn about a successful sponge farming project in Zanzibar and how this inspired him to look into the development of sponge culture in the Seychelles. He invites the experts from Zanzibar to bring their lessons learned and experience to the Seychelles, where he, on the other hand, can provide insight on the success factors of their successful coral restoration program, which is of great interests to Zanzibar. This example of a successful exchange and uptake of experiences was followed by a live exchange of experiences and challenges in the spatial planning and management of marine and coastal areas. In Brazil a process for spatial planning and management of two large areas along the country’s coast has just been initiated and Larissa Godoy from the Ministry of Environment of Brazil introduced the goals and planned process of this TerraMar project. She also stated the main challenges the project has identified such as the strengthening of the spatial perspective in strategies towards the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity.

Presentation of Solutions © C Hoffmann

Minh Nguyen Binh, Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands could respond to these challenges and shared some of the success factors and lessons learned in integrated coastal zone management in the Mekong Delta. He highlighted the importance for a strong backing and comprehensive national legal framework as a key element of their successful work in the past years. In a pre-recorded presentation, Jon Day, James Cook University, Australia, introduced the rezoning that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park underwent in the early 2000s, which successes heavily relied on the use of best available scientific knowledge, a high level of public participation, effective leadership as well as consequent socio-political support. These specific responses and experiences from Vietnam and Australia clearly showcased how lessons learned from one context can be relevant to another setting, and the Blue Solutions team will further support an exchange between these three parties, which has already started. In a panel discussion, Mark

Discussion in Plenary © C Hoffmann

Spalding form The Ocean Foundation reiterated the importance of such opportunities to exchange knowledge and learn from one another as there is a wealth of success stories out there, which need to be communicated and shared effectively. Cathy Demesa, Rare’s Alumni manager for the Philippines, took the chance to share how she has supported success stories being shred and taken up in the Philippines through social marketing campaigns. In a statement by Jens Ambsdorf from the Lighthouse Foundation the importance of sharing and multiplying good examples was highlighted and the foundation pledges to support at least one project resulting from the upcoming market place event in early 2018. In a discussion with the audience it became clear that there is a large interest in the larger market place event that Blue Solutions is planning to organize early 2018 and to see this approach growing.