Webinars hosted by Blue Solutions

The Solution-ing Approach - Learning from inspiring experiences worldwide

The Blue Solutions project and the PANORAMA Initiative provide global platforms to assemble and promote knowledge on successful approaches, tools and processes, focusing on what works why and how. These solutions have proven their success and inspire others to replicate and adapt them. The Blue Solutions partners have developed a template to document these solutions and their core elements – so-called building blocks. We believe that these building blocks can be replicated, adapted and recombined to address specific challenges in new contexts, geographies or even sectors.
This webinar explains the concepts of “solutions” and “building blocks” and provides guidance on how to document your solutions by walking through the template and sharing best practices in completing it.

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The PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet webinar series

As part of the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet webinar series, Blue Solutions is hosting sessions on marine and coastal solutions. Our webinars deal with current thematic discussions on our focus topics and present blue solutions – successful real-life examples that address challenges to sustainable development in the marine and coastal realm – from the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet platform.

Making Marine Ecosystem Services Matter

For this webinar, presenters showcased how marine ecosystem service information can be used in conservation and sustainable development decision making. The webinar was presented by Nicola Beaumont of PML, Esther Wolfs of Wolfs Company, and Samir Rosado of BCZMAI.

Featured blue solutions:
Nature’s contribution to the economy (Bonaire)
Mapping and Valuing Ecosystem Services for Integrated Management (Belize)
Find the presentations of the webinar on the website of OpenChannels.

Scaling up community-led MPA management

This webinar on community-led MPA management was presented by Alifereti Tawake (LMMA Network International) who delivered keynote remarks as well as by George Manahira and Charlie Gough (Blue Ventures)  and Laure Katz (Conservation International) who introduced their blue solutions from Madagascar and Indonesia.

Featured blue solutions:
Kick-starting marine conservation through local fisheries management (Madagascar)
Community-based Conservation at Scale (Indonesia)

Find the presentation of the webinar on the website of IUCN Protected Areas.

Certification of small-scale fisheries in developing countries: Opportunities and challenges

This webinar deals with the certification of small-scale fisheries in developing countries. Dr. Audun Lem, Deputy Director of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division, FAO delivered the keynote and pointed out potential benefits and obstacles for the certification of small-scale fisheries. Camila Zambrano Esguerra, Fondo Acción and Hoyt Peckham, SmartFish presented two successful approaches to improve the fisheries value chain and ecological sustainability in Colombia and Mexico. Daniel Suddaby, Ocean Outcomes discussed the certification of Maldives pole and line tuna fisheries.

Featured blue solutions:
EcoGourmet: Bringing sustainable fish to your plate (Colombia)
Reduce Overfishing and Improving Livelihood of Artisanal Fishers -SmartFish (Mexico)

Do Data or Desires Drive Marine Spatial Planning?

The webinar addresses the widely debated role of data in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) including a discussion on how the scope and goals of MSP processes influence the need for data. The keynote presentation is delivered by Tundi Agardy. Two solution providers from the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet platform then shared their practical experiences: Jon Day presented multiple aspects and lessons learned from planning and managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in Australia. Michelle Portman introduced key aspects of the Israeli MSP process.

Featured blue solutions:
Sound legislative governance framework for spatial planning and management (Australia)
Public participation to strengthen and legitimize planning processes (Australia)
Effective zoning as a key spatial planning/management tool (Australia)
Coordinated multi-layered management for implementation of MSP across the GBR (Australia)
and transparent approach in marine spatial planning (Israel)

Find the presentation of the webinar on the website of OpenChannels.