Off to new horizons: Blue Planning in Practice in Suriname

Off to new horizons: Blue Planning in Practice in Suriname

Written by Carolin Hoffmann (Blue Solutions Initiative) and Hanneke Van Lavieren (WWF Guianas)

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WWF Guianas, within the context of the EU-project ‘Promoting Integrated and Participatory Ocean Governance in Guyana and Suriname: the Eastern Gate to the Caribbean’ the Blue Solutions Initiative and the MarViva Foundation have cooperated to convene a training course on Marine Spatial Planning in Suriname. From 22 to 26 October 2018, more than 20 representatives of different institutions and stakeholders involved in the planning process of coastal and ocean use participated in the course held in Paramaribo. The diverse group included policy makers, planners, government technicians, civil society, academics and the private sector.

The course focused on the identification of need for the planning process, the organization of stakeholders, inventory of current and future conditions, writing and approving a spatial management plan, implementation, regulation and monitoring, as well as revising and adjusting the plan. After brief theoretical inputs by the trainer team, participants engaged in interactive casework and experienced the elements of a Marine Spatial Planning process in the fictitious tropical country ‘Bakul’. The training course was complemented by the presentation of real life MSP success stories and inputs related to local activities under the EU-project. The group also undertook a field trip to Braamspunt (a Marine Multiple Use Area), where participants were able to see the spatial overlap of different types of uses and learn about local wildlife.

The EU-project is implemented through a partnership between WWF Guianas, the Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS), Guyana’s Protected Areas Commission (PAC) and the Nature Conservation Division (NCD) of the Suriname Forest Service (‘s Lands Bosbeheer). It aims to significantly enhance the governance and protection of marine and coastal resources of Guyana and Suriname through collaborative processes with all ocean stakeholders, improved knowledge of the coastal and marine environment, enhanced capacity of key stakeholders and informed marine spatial management. It aims to develop a comprehensive Marine Spatial Plan for the coastal and marine area which will contribute to improved marine protection and strengthened governance. A further Blue Planning in Practice course is planned for Guyana in 2019.

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