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Imprint & legal information

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Blue Solutions Project


Concept & Editorial
Monika Melisch

Design & Programming

now [nau] kommunikative & visuelle gestaltung
Eckenheimer Landstraße 91
60318 Frankfurt
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Pictures: used pictures from Blue Solutions, getty images, GRID-Arendal, Hellio & Van Ingen and shutterstock

people with boats: image (rh252-10619) © Gavin Hellier/getty
picker of seagrass: image (ngs30_0254) © Michael Lewis/getty (National Geographic)
drifting through a mangrove plantation: Image © Lawrence Hislop/GRID-Arendal
face-to-face solutions exchange: image (DSC 8262) © Blue Solutions

About Blue Solutions: polluted beach: image (61010) © Jean Francois Hellio & Nicolas Van Ingen
Context: polluted beach: image (61010) © Jean Francois Hellio & Nicolas Van Ingen
Themes: Split image above and below the water of a mangrove tree with roots in lagoon, Krabi, Thailand © think4photop
Partner Projects: map © Google
Collaborators: fishing nets © Lawrence Hislop/GRID-Arendal

Coastal and Marine Management: mangrove line delta: image (143443132) © Mangiwau/getty
Protected Areas: young turtles: image (53398) © Jean Francois Hellio & Nicolas Van Ingen
Integrating Ecosystem Services: fished fish: image (53333) © Jean Francois Hellio & Nicolas Van Ingen
Climate Change: wave: image (89836816) © Zacarias Pereira da Mata/shutterstock
Sustainable Financing: diver: image (133476611) ©

Solutions: seagrass at the waterline, Seychelles © Lawrence Hislop/GRID-Arendal
Approach: people planting mangroves: image (142348369) © KONGKOON/shutterstock
Exchange: island image (belize reef) © Jason Valdez/Marine Photobank

Capacity development: Header: © GIZ | K. Lobeck // 2. © GIZ | J. Martins // 3. © Britta Heine // 4. © Deniss Kacs // 5. © GIZ | K. Lobeck
Ecosystem Services: Header: fished fish: image (53333) © Jean Francois Hellio & Nicolas Van Ingen // 1. © ValuES scheme ( // 2. image © Blue Solutions
Sustainable Oceans Lab: Header: Lab Team © Deniss Kacs // 1. Zaid Hassan introduces to the social lab approach © GIZ | K. Lobeck // 2. Group work: designing prototypes © GIZ | K. Lobeck

Resources: Boatman glides safely over reef © Rebecca Weeks/Marine Photobank
Publications & Links: fisherman throws net: image (97786511) © Palo_ok/shutterstock
Videos: Zanzibar: anchored in algae © Yannick Beadoin/GRID-Arendal
Upcoming Events: mangroves in the Lamu area, Indian Ocean coast of Kenya © Peter Prokosch/GRID-Arendal

News: Beach: image (Seychelles) © Lawrence Hislop/GRID-Arendal

Implementing partners: fishermen with catch: image (13988584) © Anna Jurkovska/shutterstock
Contact us: fishing women: image (173982475) © Franck Guiziou/getty
Imprint & legal information: octopus: image (129466283) © Ethan Daniels/shutterstock


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