Handing over the “Blue Training Courses”: A Workshop Event

Handing over the “Blue Training Courses”: A Workshop Event

Written by Tabitha Stimpfle, Blue Solutions Initiative

After five eventful years, the Blue Solutions project is in its final year of implementa-tion and will come to an end in late 2018. To ensure the long-term availability of our Blue Solutions training courses, we are planning a workshop on “The Art of convening Blue Training Courses”.

International hot topic

The successful management of human activities in the marine and coastal envi-ronment, for ecosystem conservation and sustainable use and development, is a significant challenge for practitioners across the globe, particularly in developing countries.
Many countries appreciate support in this context, to develop capacities, exchange good practices, and to learn from and with other practitioners. It is against this back-ground that the Blue Solutions Initiative has developed and implemented the “Blue Training Courses” on the three topics of:

The courses have been implemented in over a dozen countries and world regions in the past four years. Especially the demand for support of marine spatial planning initiatives remains high at the international level, which is why the event will focus on the Blue PiP course.

Ensuring long-term availability of Blue Solutions training courses

To handover our training courses sustainably, the above-mentioned event address-es institutions that are active in capacity development in the marine realm and that have an interest and possibilities to integrate the training courses into their portfolio.

Objectives of the workshop are:

  • to equip selected institutions with knowledge and skills to successfully con-vene “Blue Training Courses”,
  • to create a network of implementing institutions,
  • to identify institutions’ further needs regarding convening and implementing those courses and ways to address those, and
  • to scope possibilities for cooperation, including developing a roadmap.

The workshop shall take place from 12th to 15th of June in Germany. In case of any questions regarding the event, please contact Tabitha Stimpfle.

The event in June is organized through in partnership with the Mami Wata Project and the MARISMA (Marine Spatial Management and Governance Programme) project. The workshop event is convened in collaboration with the Sustainable Ocean Initiative (SOI) of the Secretar-iat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).