Focus on conservation finance – test training in Frankfurt

Focus on conservation finance – test training in Frankfurt

Written by Pia Wiesner, Blue Solutions Initiative

The Blue Solutions Initiative is currently designing a training course on conservation finance in cooperation with the Conservation Strategy Fund. From October 11 to 12, 2017, a test run of the newly developed course took place in Frankfurt, Germany. Participants from Freshfields, GIZ, GRID-Arendal and IUCN – among them experts in conservation finance and planning – learned about different mechanisms to finance biodiversity management activities. They discussed these mechanisms based on exercises and provided useful feedback, which will be reflected in an adapted version of the training course.

Participants and trainers of the conservation finance test training © Conservation Strategy Fund / Niki Gribi

Balance of theory and practice

The training comprises lectures on the conceptual framework of conservation finance and financing mechanisms as well as case studies to discuss in groups. The participants’ various experiences in conservation finance and the review of contributed real-life examples enriched the training and were valuable inputs for its further development.

Group work and presentation of results © Blue Solutions

Global relevance of the topic

The question of an appropriate finance strategy raises each time a new conservation project is planned and implemented. As there is a lack of sufficient financial resources for marine and coastal management, finding solutions for financing conservation is high on the international agenda. The Blue Solutions Initiative has put efforts in collating successful examples for marine conservation finance on the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet platform.

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