Exchanging solutions

The Blue Solutions Initiative uses different formats to facilitate the exchange of successful approaches:

The Panorama partnership and its online platformpanorama-Logo-FINAL


Panorama is a partnership initiative to document and promote examples of inspiring, replicable solutions across a range of conservation and development topics, enabling cross-sectoral learning and inspiration. This platform houses a number of thematic portals, and is envisioned to be continuously expanded with new partners and solutions from further topics. The Panorama allows practitioners to share their stories, get recognized for successful work, and learn how others have tackled problems across the globe, by encouraging reflection on and learning from proven approaches.

The Blue Solutions Initiative is the contact for the marine and coastal theme and hosts the marine and coastal solutions portal of the Panorama platform.

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Face-to-face solutions exchange

In face-to-face meetings participants have the opportunity to engage with solution providers, as well as experience how building blocks can be used, recombined and adapted to create new solutions in solution-ing workshops. The Blue Solutions Initiative held three regional solution-ing events, one for Asian and Pacific practitioners and decision-makers, one for the region of Latin America and the Wider Caribbean and another one for Africa.

Solution-ing methodology

DSC_9220_smallDuring face-to-face meetings participants have the opportunity to present their solutions as well as to learn about and get inspired by success stories from elsewhere. The documentation and presentation of solutions happens in a specific format, thus making knowledge readily available in a user-friendly format for easy understanding and sharing, and by that facilitating potential replication. Using this format in a workshop context thus benefits both “solution providers” as well as “solution seekers”: For the former, it is a learning methodology, a means to self-reflect on and summarize key factors that made their work successful. For the latter, the solutions and their building blocks provide inspiration for finding ways to address own challenges.

DSC_8719_smallBeyond the exchange of knowledge, solution-ing events also have clear networking benefits. They allow actors to connect around issues and within regions, but even across sectors and geographies. Solution-ing workshops have also proven useful for intra-organizational/intra-departmental knowledge consolidation and experience exchange, in which case the audience would be internal only.

It is also possible to apply and adapt the solution-ing format to a “grassroots” Level, discussing solutions e.g. with members of different communities (potentially joined by other stakeholders, such as park staff, representatives of NGO working in the area, business operators) adjacent to a protected area.

You want to organize a workshop applying the solution-ing methodology?

In our handbook we provide guidance on how to plan, organize and implement such a workshop including many real-life examples and background documents. In the handbook you learn about …

… the evolution of the solution-ing approach

considerations to make when palnning to run a solution-ing workshop

the duration of such workshops

how to run a workshop including a step-by-step guide

All of this is examplified with many real-case examples as well as providing sample materials, useful links and a suggested packlist to make your solution-ing workshop a success.

Solution-ing workshop methodology handbook

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