Celebrating 5 successful years of Blue Solutions!

#5yearsBlueSolutions – Let’s celebrate optimism and collaboration!

Be a #BlueSolutionsChamp and join our social media campaign from September 3rd to 28th

Across our Planet Earth, there are multiple examples of inspiring blue solutions, which successfully contribute to overcome the challenges that we are facing in the marine and coastal realm.
For five years, the Blue Solutions Initiative has been promoting the active sharing of solutions and their core elements to support knowledge transfer and enable mutual learning. Besides, capacity development activities have been a key factor for support-ing ownership and action in the member states of the Convention on Biological Diversity towards a healthy ocean and prosperous seas that are managed sustainably.

We believe that sharing positive and inspiring examples allow people to adapt the key success elements to different contexts and accelerate actions towards healthy oceans and coasts.

Join and celebrate 5 years of global knowledge sharing, engaging collaboration and numerous new success stories that have been and will be written!

It is your turn now!

The Blue Solutions social media campaign is a chance for you and/or your organization to support the movement of an optimistic and solution-oriented approach while addressing challenges in the marine and coastal sector!

From September 3rd to 28th

Show the world why you are a #BlueSolutionsChamp! We invite you to share your personal blue success stories on facebook and twitter. Help us to spread optimism, fun and the highlights of #5yearsBlueSolutions reaching as many people as possible.

How to get involved:

September 3rd – 28th: Kindly share your blue success story or your reasons why you are an optimistic and successful #BlueSolutionsChamp. Post the reason why Blue Solutions inspired you or the way how Blue Solutions encouraged your work. Include photos of your project work, coastal landscapes or the ocean world; posts can also contain a link to your project (let others replicate your solution). Feel free and be creative!

#BlueSolutionsChamp & #5yearsBlueSolutions: Tweet and post as often and as much as you like. Just make sure to include at least one of our campaign hashtags in all your contributions!
All posts containing #5yearsBlueSolutions or #BlueSolutionsChamp will be displayed on our social media wall and subsequently on an exhibition wall, which we would like to present at the CBD COP 14.

In case of any further questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please contact elena.rabbow@giz.de.

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