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The Blue Solutions Fair: upscaling success stories across Asia and the Pacific

The Blue Solutions Fair: upscaling success stories across Asia and the Pacific

Elena Rabbow and Janina Korting, Blue Solutions Initiative

Almost 40 participants from 12 different countries within the Asia-Pacific Region gathered in Pattaya, Thailand, where the Blue Solutions Fair took place from 13th to 16th of March. The mission of this 4-day event: to explore sustainable ways to address climate change for resilient coastal communities & healthy marine ecosystems. How? By creating a platform for personal exchange and mutual support to share innovative ideas and positive experiences. The participants of the Blue Solutions Fair were members of (international) non-governmental organizations, governmental institutions on national and local level and private companies. All of them shared the willingness to learn from others and the common goal to think and work solution-oriented. The best conditions for a successful Blue Solutions Fair!

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Passion for oceans and coasts meets trainer skills: Blue training of trainers in Bali

Passion for oceans and coasts meets trainer skills:
Blue training of trainers in Bali

Written by Carolin Hoffmann, Blue Solutions Initiative

It is our mission to foster capacity development in the field of coastal and marine management. For that reason, we have just spent 9 days with a diverse group of marine professionals who underwent an intense training program on various elements and skills that constitute a blue trainer. There is one thing we are sure of – what happened in Bali will not stay in Bali!

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The Ocean and Us

The Ocean and Us

Written by Maria Potouroglou, GRID-Arendal

The sea! The sea! The open sea! The blue, the fresh, the ever free!

From “The Sea” written by Barry Cornwall

“The Ocean and Us” was published in late 2016, with Blue Solutions implementing partner GRID-Arendal serving as chief editor. This publication brings together partners who share their knowledge and expertise on how healthy marine and coastal ecosystems support the achievement of the UN SDGs.

© AGEDI/Rob Barnes

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5 days in Bakul – Ecosystem Services Training for Coral Reef Managers and Practitioners

5 Days in Bakul – Ecosystem Services Training for Coral Reef Managers and Practitioners

Written by Maria Potouroglou, GRID-Arendal

© M Potouroglou, GRID-Arendal

One destination, one goal: To integrate Ecosystem Services into Coastal and Marine Planning in the fictitious country of Bakul.

Organisers: The Nature Conservancy, Reef Resilience Network, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program, GRID-Arendal, Blue Solutions

Where: Kona, Hawaii

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PANORAMA webinar: Making marine ecosystem services matter

PANORAMA webinar – Making marine ecosystem services matter

UPDATEThe recording of the webinar and all presentations can now be found on OpenChannels’ website.

© GRID-Arendal/Glenn Edney

For this webinar, we will showcase how marine ecosystem service information can be used in conservation and sustainable development decision making. In adddition to a presentation from Nicola Beaumont of Plymouth Marine Laboratory, two Blue Solutions case studies will be featured: Esther Wolfs, Wolfs Comapny will share details on her solution “Nature’s contribution to the economy” from Bonaire and Samir Rosado, Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute will share his experiences from Belize: “Mapping and valuing ecosystem services for integrated management”.

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Blue Economy: Coral Reefs Matter

Blue Economy: Coral Reefs Matter

Living on the coasts of the tropical countries of our planet would be very different without coral reefs. They provide the foundation for fisheries, for tourism, for coastlines that are stable, and thereby the basis for coastal communities’ livelihoods and sometimes national economies.

This was the starting point for the IUCN World Conservation Congress event “Blue Economy: Coral Reefs Matter” on the 4th September, 2016 in the Ocean Pavilion. The event brought together a range of projects, studies and initiatives that highlighted the various facets of why coral reefs are critical to the Blue Economy.


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Training of Trainers on IES

Training of Trainers on IES

by Christian Neumann, Blue Solutions Coordinator at GRID-Arendal

Together with the Coral Triangle Centre, the Blue Solutions and ValuES projects conducted a training of Trainers on Integrating Ecosystem Services into marine and coastal Development Planning from 15-19 June 2015, in Bali. Bringing together staff from the CTC, the Indonesian Ministry for Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Departments of Environment of Kiribati and Fiji and the Fiji Ministry of iTauke Affairs. Participants and trainers shared knowledge on skills of participatory trainings, and the six steps TEEB approach to recognising, demonstrating and capturing ecosystem services values. Learn more about the training here.

Learning to speak about Ecosystem Services

Learning to speak about Ecosystem Services

In a recent piece Christian Neumann, Linwood Pendleton, Marianne Kettunen and Tundi Agardy share their thoughts on how to overcome the challenge of scientific and non-scientific communities having to find a common language on ecosystem services.

Ecosystem Services April 2015

Published in Marine Ecosystems and Management, on the Marine Ecosystem Services Partnership and here on the Blue Solutions Website: Continue reading

Translating Ocean Science into Policy

Translating Ocean Science into Policy

The Nature Conservancy and collaborators, the Blue Solutions project among them, are launching, a new destination to help quantify the benefits of ocean habitat. The site will take a fresh look at mangroves, reefs, seagrasses and other habitats in terms of jobs, food security, risk reduction, recreational revenue and other quantifiable functions needed by decision-makers. Continue reading

IES Workshop in Bonaire

Britta_IES Workshop Bonaire 2014IES Workshop in Bonaire

Under the auspices of the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) and the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs supported by Wolfs Company and MARES/Forest‐Trends, the workshop “From Ecosystem Services Valuation to Action – Informing Decision Making in the Caribbean” was held on Bonaire on 16-18th September 2014.

The workshop idea was conceptualized in November 2013, at the 28th ICRI General Meeting, where it was agreed that a capacity building workshop on policy‐oriented economic valuation and sustainable financing of protected areas, targeted at Caribbean countries, was needed. The Blue Solutions and ValuES projects commissioned by the German Environment Ministry (BMUB) and implemented by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) with partner institutions, including GRID‐Arendal, the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Inter‐American Development Bank (IDB), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC), the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), the World Resources Institute (WRI), the French Coral Reef Initiative (IFRECOR), the Wolfs Company, the Blue finance project (under Marine Ecosystem Services (MARES)/Forest‐Trends organization), the VU University Amsterdam and ICRI agreed to provide funding and technical assistance for this workshop. Twenty resource managers from fifteen countries of the wider Caribbean attended the workshop.  Continue reading