Capacity Development

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                                                                                                                    Our Current Trainings

  1. Blue Planning in Practice
  2. Sustainable Blue Economy
  3. Blue Leadership Journey
 Ownership and Leadership for strong and sustainable communities

‘There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about’ – Margaret J. Wheatley

Capacity development is a key factor in supporting ownership in communities and action in the member states of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Our approach is to strengthen and value leadership and ownership in communities that are dependent on the healthy functioning of oceans and coasts. Vulnerable groups and actors in the marine realm are facing severe challenges due to effects of climate change and an ocean economy that is based on unlimited growth and unjust distribution of natural resources and their services. We aim at a sustainable development which reconciles the conservation of nature with the well-being of communities.

Blue Planning in Practice 
The Blue Planning in Practice (BPiP) training aims to strengthen practical planning and implementation. It provides an introduction to the theory and practical starting points of coastal and marine spatial planning. The training course builds on decades of practi­cal experiences and learning, and was conceptualized with the guidance of over 30 marine and coastal spatial planning experts from around the world. Since its inception in 2014. BPiP has stood the test of time and is continuously implemented by a range of organizations worldwide. This typically 5-day workshop has been conducted more than twenty-five times in more than twenty countries with participants from more than thirty different nationalities. It gained numerous endorsements from institutions such as the World Conservation Society (WCS) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Regional and national organizations as well as countries, such as our most recent coalitions with the government of Costa Rica, have requested the training to kick-off or strengthen their MSP initiatives. 
Going digital 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to convene BPiP in person as planned. Instead, a fully virtual version of BPiP was developed which enabled its facilitation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. We are excited to digitalize our training and enable an even broader access to stakeholders and interested parties worldwide. The training will maintain its focus on the interaction between participants and enable the exchange of stories and knowledge as this is one of the cornerstones of BPiP.

Read about the virtual application of BPiP here: Voices from BPiP participants by BlueSolutions 

                        Screenshot of the first BPiP virtual workshop with COBSEA and a map of the fictitious country Bakul 

Blue Leadership Journey
In recent years, the Blue Solutions Initiative has focused on practical, methodological and technical knowledge for the purpose of capacity building with a special focus on Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning. Over the years, we have experienced that leadership is key to successful implementation of marine strategies and policies. Marine and environmental leaders at all management levels are developing cutting edge innovative ideas and they are actively integrating them into policies and management efforts. These leaders convince people, move organizations, build consensus and foster topics. Yet, at the same time, they are facing strong opponents with different views and complex inter-personal and institutional challenges.
Our aim is to support leaders in the marine & coastal realm to develop collective and individual leadership skills, to implement change and to make a difference for sustainable marine and coastal ecosystems management. Curious about our Leadership journey? 
Read more about the first Blue Leadership workshop in Namibia: Blue Leadership in Namibia by BlueSolutions
Listen to leaders from the ocean community on their perception of leadership skills: Blue Leadership Journey by BlueSolutions


Sustainable Blue Economy

Putting sustainability at the heart of ocean management is essential for protection, production and prosperity that benefits people, nature and the economy.’ (Ocean Panel) 


Current trends threaten both the environmental health and the economic vitality of the ocean. Overfishing, marine pollution, acidification and rising ocean temperatures are negatively impacting important industries including fishing and tourism, as well as the ability of coastal communities to thrive, and small island and developing states to grow sustainably.  

A sustainable blue economy aims at enhancing prosperity and increasing social equity through initiatives which restore or maintain the integrity and productivity of marine and coastal ecosystems. 


Healthy oceans are needed for sustainable development and we firmly believe that integrated planning and effective management of oceans and coasts are part of the solution. In a sustainable ocean economy, effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity go hand in hand to create a triple win for people, nature and the economy.  


The new training on Sustainable Blue Economy adds a set of concepts, frameworks, tools and guidance to our capacity building portfolio that supports partner countries in the journey of finding the right answers and solutions for their own context. This training combines the presentation of concepts and ideas with a series of interactive exercises in which participants apply these concepts and learn about practical tools to use within their own organizations and wider actor networks. 


Our milestones from the past

  • Blue IES: Integrating Ecosystem Services into Marine and Coastal Development Planning
  • Blue CCA: Climate Change Adaptation in Marine and Coastal Areas
  • Conservation Finance: Financing Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Biodiversity

Worldwide training courses

The training courses have been conducted in a number of countries in Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia, both at the national and the regional level. More than 20 experienced trainers with different professional, technical and cultural backgrounds are part of the trainer pool and available for delivering the course

Voices from participants:

Who can use the materials provided?

All materials provided on this website are available free of charge. We invite institutions that are engaged in capacity building in the marine context to get in touch for further information on how to integrate the training courses into their own portfolio.


Resources are provided in the subsection of each training and include training factsheets, participant handbooks, a trainer handbook and a cookbook for conveners.