Capacity Development

Capacity Development is a key element of the Blue Solutions Initiative. Through different formats and cooperation with various partner institutions, the Blue Solutions Initiative seeks to…

  • enhance capacities for scaling up success.
  • provide learning opportunities and trainings on Blue Solutions themes.
  • support policy processes to facilitate Blue Solutions.

Blue Solutions Trainings
At the core of Blue Solutions’ capacity development activities, the initiative offers a training series, including:

The trainings are designed for practitioners, technical staff and decision makers responsible for coastal and marine planning and management from different social sectors, such as government, civil society, and academia, as well as those engaged in coastal and marine-dependent economies such as fisheries, nature conservation, marine transportation, energy, sea mining, and tourism.

bild1All trainings are based on the Harvard Case Methodology, which conveys teaching messages mainly through interactive practical work by participants. The Trainings include exercises using a fictitious situation closely based on real life conditions and challenges. Experiences drawn from actual Blue Solutions’ descriptions enrich the trainings by providing concrete examples and showcasing how solutions can work in reality.

All courses are designed for 3 to 5 days and can be delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Modular training concept of Blue Solutions

Modular training concept of Blue Solutions

Each training course consists of different modules which can be adapted to different demands and contexts. By combining modules and elements from different trainings, Blue Solutions offers tailor-made and context-specific capacity development options.






Sustainable Oceans Lab

The Sustainable Oceans Lab started in March 2015 in Berlin, Germany, commencing a year-long leadership programme which offers space for exchange and learning to leaders and change agents active in the management and governance of oceans.

Learn more about the Sustainable Oceans Lab.