Blue Solutions side event at CBD COP12

Let’s learn from other’s successes – The solutioning approach

Blue Solutions invites to a side event at CBD COP12:

  • Thursday, 16th October from 18:15 – 19:45h
  • Hall C, Room 1 – CEE Meeting Room

Let´s not keep reinventing the wheel but learn from each other´s successes in the management and governance of our oceans and coasts.

The Blue Solutions Initiative acts as a global knowledge platform to collate and share knowledge about what works and to enhance capacities in order to enable scaling of success in marine management and support creation of evidence-based innovation.

The side event will introduce the initiative and its “solution-ing” approach to distilling key success factors of solutions on management and governance of marine and coastal areas, defining how they work in their unique context and how they can be adapted to new circumstances.