What is a solution?

Solutions are specific, applied examples of successful processes or approaches that address challenges to sustainable development. Solutions can be entire project interventions or particular aspects of a project or approach. Successful elements of an approach or process are called “building blocks”.


…respond to challenges to sustainable development and human wellbeing and contribute to maintaining or improving the health of biodiversity and ecosystems, helping to achieve global sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

…are effective and have been implemented with a demonstrated positive impact.

…consist of elements that can potentially be replicated or upscaled in other geographic, social or sectorial contexts.

Furthermore, it is implied that solutions should be fair and just, avoiding negative impacts on people and the environment!

If you have case studies that adhere to these criteria, share them on the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet online platform:

Be a solution provider or innovator – if you want to share your inspiring blue solution and allow others to take up your successful approach, or if you want to be inspired by other´s solutions and create new solutions based on building blocks, visit the online platform of the PANORAMA – Solutions for a healthy planet partnership or contact us directly for more information.

The Blue Solutions Initiative facilitates the exchange of solutions through …

Distilling and sharing these solutions and their building blocks supports inter-sectorial knowledge transfer and enables mutual learning. The aim is to inspire others in taking action towards achieving effective management and equitable governance in marine and coastal systems.

Documenting and sharing These inspiring stories is only the first step. We facilitate an Exchange around these case studies and are using different mechanisms to share them widely and support their uptake in new settings:

  • The PANORAMA – Solutions for a healthy planet web platform is a single database for solutions from different themes and includes a vast number of examples form the marine and coastal realm.
  • In workshops and events, such as Blue Solutions’ regional fora, participants learn about approaches that have been proven successful, and experience in an interactive exercise how building blocks can be used, recombined and adapted to address new challenges. Learn more about the solution-ing methdology and its integration into workshops.
  • Integration of “blue solutions” in capacity development activitiestrainings are enriched through the integration of real life examples into a theoretical background.
  • Various communication formats feature solutions from all over the world: publications and newsletters, but also social media (Facebook & Twitter) are a great medium to promote inspiring solutions.