Sustainable Oceans Lab

Sustainable Oceans Lab


Zaid Hassan introduces to the Social Lab Approach © GIZ | K. Lobeck

The Sustainable Oceans Lab started in March 2015 in Berlin, Germany, commencing a year-long leadership programme which offers space for exchange and learning to leaders and change agents active in the management and governance of oceans. 30 participants from civil society, government and business communities engaged in diverse multi-stakeholder initiatives in 14 countries work together on issues they face in their respective initiatives and create sustainable development solutions to address the following question:

How can we work together to enhance the sustainable management of our marine ecosystems globally?

The Sustainable Oceans Lab represents a new approach to the challenge of ensuring our marine ecosystems are sustainable. The Lab is built on the idea that just as scientific and technical labs address our scientific and technical challenges, social labs are needed to address our socio-economic and political challenges. The Lab focuses its efforts on an action-oriented, emergent strategy, and offers an approach of disciplined experimentation. Instead of developing a single, linear plan, inside a single institution, the Lab is designed to support a portfolio of initiatives and efforts across multiple institutions and geographies to follow an iterative approach of implementing initiatives.

The ‘Sustainable Oceans Lab’ is a programme jointly convened by the Global Leadership Academy (commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ) and the Blue Solutions Initiative in collaboration with Reos Partners.

For more information, please visit the Lab´s website, follow the Lab´s Twitter  @Sust_Oceans_Lab and hashtag #oceanslab or have a look at some selected documents and presentations on the right.


Group work: designing prototypes © GIZ | K. Lobeck